WinnaarsLeader Slava Ikonnikov loses from two-time LCT winner (2008 and 2016) Roeland Pruijssers! Pruijssers later told the journalist of the local paper Leidsch Dagblad that he could not believe his eyes that Ikonnikov put a few bad moves on the board, as he showed the best chess during the tournament. Only after those moves could he start thinking of his third victory in Leiden. It is only his fourth participation in Leiden. A nice average. On the picture in the middle are the two winners of the groups A and B: Roeland Pruijssers and Sander Hilarius. Later in the photo trailer even more pictures of the winners of places 2 to 6 with also a good (shared) cash prize.

Slava IkonnikovCharacteristic photo (Maaijveld, right) from Ikonnikov – before and during the party – already showed that the Russian did not trust a good outcome. In the end it turned out to be expensive bad moves that he produced. I tried to cheer him up for the final buffet (with more than 60 people) with the words: “Well then you have to win the Open Dutch Championship”, but that did not really help. Incidentally, I did say the same to Sandipan Chanda much later to score his hattrick on Erwin Liebertthe Veluwe. Anyway, we’ll see it. All in all, many players from the LCT travel directly to the Open Dutch Championship in Dieren that will start this week.

The B-group eventually went to the Local hero Sander Hilarius (sv. Voorschoten) who, with some luck, was finally the winner. A lap earlier he escaped with a draw offer against Erwin Liebert (Estonia) in a lost position. The Est – with little time on the clock – accepted immediately, but the regret came quickly. For that accident he received a DGT daily prize (Maaijveld photo: he clearly did not want to know). It was again great fun.
We hope to see you next year (11-21 July 2019) and then a special (13th) edition!