topbordenIn the seventh round, two Russian leaders against each other (Ikonnikov vs Loginov), club and teammates against each other and the suspicion that they would produce quick draws. Fortunately that did not seem to be true. Allright, Van Delft against Kuipers was a draw, but the rest got a lot fights. Ikonnikov beat compatriot Loginov and, as a result, lured himself to the leading position. And young man Nihal Sarin had a quick victory over his nation compatriot Shyaamnikhil. Twan Burg defeated the Bulgarian Velislav Kukov, who is on our list as FID participant (fide). That is another story separately, but this is for another time to tell. Roeland Pruijssers defeated his Dutch teammate Thomas Beerdsen. The result list seemed to be a software program of zeros and ones. Sandipan came forward with a victory over Hugo ten Hertog. And top woman Zhukova beat the Russian youngster Lobanov after two time problems. The women in our team are proud of her and I (secretly) also ..! Ikonnikov 6, Sandipan and Sarin at 5½ and with 5 points: Burg, Pruijssers, Loginov, Dcunha and Zhukova. Exciting final phase. In the B group, Local hero Sander Hilarius (s.v. Voorschoten) scored 6 points and nine players follows with five points.

Busy busy busy
In the final weekend we are always busy. For example, on Saturday there is the annual book stand of Erika Sziva (De Beste Zet) in the bar area and you can browse to your liking content and buy something (a book). There are guests (co-) sponsors and then it is often a long day, especially when the weather is nice. Drinks, BBQ .. uhhmm. And about the very busy final day on Sunday I will tell you Saturday night.

T-shirtsStriking outfit
Every year you can admire striking T-shirts. We will take you along in the atmosphere of the Leiden Chess Tour with a small cross-section of the summer outfits. A series of Maaijveld photography in shortened version, because there are many more to admire in the playing hall. Because of the new European privacy legislation we obviously do not display the faces that belong to those different outfits.

We also received a number of questions / e-mails about the norm chances of a few players. Our Ryanna Turenhoutreferees look at this consistently and then report me which norm opportunities there are, so that I can incorporate this into a daily report. However, that information can only be displayed after the eighth round. After all, you do not know who will hit you in the final round and with which norm chance.

We will be adding a women’s price to the prize-giving ceremony on Sunday (we may not say ladies price anymore, I think), because our tournament rules says; if at least five women participate, we award a prize for the best performing woman / lady. Because there is only one woman in the B group, she (on Photo Ryanne Turenhout) received a DGT daily prize.