Sarin vs IkonnikovRelax it is summer, I had to think about that when I saw many famous chess visitors today. Beside that is it also a slogan on a Jumbo shopping bag. But it gives the feeling that I wanted to get by looking at such a warm full playing room. Well, I do relax next month in France on vacation. Thank you.We also had some national champions in the house today. Old and new ones. The observation of a visitor that this warm playing hall is also one of the charms of Leiden Chess is nice to say to me, but we as a team – and also the players – feel this somewhat more nuanced. BTW the weather forecast for next week is even warmer. This tournament ends on time, now appears.

8th round
The young Nihal Sarin has tried it. He want a win over Slava Ikonnikov, got far in it, but had to rest in the draw with a repetition of moves. In the accompanying photo of Maaijveld – with once again the flag of the main sponsor in the picture – the hands were shaken for the beginning of the game and later again fot the draw. The analysis of both players did not give me a definite answer.

Two former LCT winners on the live boards with varying degrees of success. Defending champion Stefan Kuipers lost his game, but he was also tipped by many participants on a lottery ticket as the lucky number 12: a cash prize if you have guessed the No. 12 in the final score. It does not work really motivating for him now appears. The other two-time winner Roeland Pruijssers always goes well in Leiden. He is now coming up again. He defeated the Russian trainer Valery Loginov. Chanda Sandipan spent a lot of time trying to get next to the list-leader, but Twan Burg did not give it away (draw). I want to break a lance here for sympathetic Natalia Zhukova, the strongest woman in this Daily pricetournament. She showed a huge fighting spirit this week and I hope she has a nice final chord. Such players we wanna have more often in our tournament (man or woman, otherwise I get complaints). The epilogue shows a nice ending with on the highest board Ikonnikov vs Pruijssers with a new winner or a triple winner.

In the B-group, former winner Sander Hilarius seems to be freewheeling towards the group win with a half-point advantage. He draw today in lost position I heard and if tomorrow one more draw then he is in any case shared winner. His club-mate Gert Both, Richard Kroes and Jan ten Brinke are following at half a point. The daily price went this time to the youngest participant in the tournament: Ansh Jakhari from 2009. A Dutch textbook seemed like a good choice, because he probably wins that group in the near future.

Breaking News:
When Nihal Sarin wins his last game he wants his third and final GM standard !!