Sarin vs HertogJust before the sixth round I was wondering how many players on top of the list would achieve a place for the finals. Usually, the sixth and seventh round are crucial to identify the possible winners for the gold, the silver and the bronze medal – in fact substantial money prizes to take home.

The picture shows the start of the sixth round; all players could still laugh at each other. As a sporting event should be. After a long battle Sarin vs Ten Hertog became a draw. Sandipan vs Ikonnikov had already ended up there. Several games in the top also seemed to end in a draw, but in the end a number of players still came up with a profit. Thomas Beerdsen for example, defeated coming-man Jip Damen convincingly and Shyaamnikhil saw that his opponent, LSG’er Arthur Pijpers, ran out of time just before the 40th move which lead to a small mistake which resulted into a lost game. The Russian coach Valery Loginov now is leading together with Ikonnikov, because he managed to cash a pluspion against Natalia Zhukova. Because of this she is now in the pursuit team. Number three on the list GM Dusan Popovic was defeated by Ilias van der Lende because of a lack of material.

The longest match was played by Sharma Himanshu vs. Twan Burg. After almost a hundred moves, this game also ended in a draw after a bitter fight. Ikonnikov and Loginov are in the lead, but up to number 19 on the ranking list there is only one point difference between the players.

Chess site analyzes
On the day of rest, the popular website of Kees Schrijvers ( again this year placed a contemplative article by Dimitri Reinderman. At the end of this daily report you find a link to this educational article in the media overview. It does not hurt us all to have a look at the games from a grandmasters point of view.

Hugo at Duke
On request of several participants from abroad, I had placed a translation plugin on the site in order to have a quick translation of the daily reports, so that our foreign guests would also be able to understand the difficult Dutch language (my difficult Dutch?). This won’t work, I told them beforehand. And when I read back the daily reports translated by Google, I noticed amongst other things that also the names of the players were translated into sometimes very funny names, such as: Hugo at Duke? In the B group, Sander Hilarius was transformed into Sander Hilary. Daily prizeWe never knew that he had political ambitions… Anyhow, we have decided to remove this automatically translation service and instead write our own translations (hoping of course that they are better or at least understandable).

Oh, by the way, another confusing item to our foreign friends are the daily prizes. One day, Saravanan informed who had won the spectacular prize. “Well that has not been decided yet, this will happen on the last day of the tournament.” He looked puzzled, since every day players are invited to step forward and receive a daily prize. ‘Oh well, you know, that is completely random. It can be anything. For instance: just break a leg (literally) and you might receive one of these prizes…” (As Rolf Corstjens did, by the way). Today Saravanan found out himself how it works: since he is going to deliver such a nice and complimenteus report about the Leiden Chess Tournament for Chessbase he this time received one of the daily prizes (a LCT T-shirt). “Bribery”, he said. And right he is!